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The Davises: Clergy and His Creative Spouse

We meet some mighty interesting folks in our line of work, and Lacy Davis is sure one of them. A lady with lots of artistic talent, she has turned it loose on the new landscaping at their 221 Bryan Street home. We showed up there for an open house yesterday, and in addition to the new landscaping (provided by the members of Living Acts Church, where Lacy’s husband, Brandon is pastor) she had very colorful and imaginative decorations for a Luau party. Pictured above is Stephany Barron, Andrea, and the artiste her-own-self, Lacy.

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Larry Lynch
Former photographers' agent, commercial producer, copywriter, on-camera performer, voice-over talent, actor. Husband, father, a REALTOR® since 2003, and primary photographer for the Shop Tyler Homes team.