Piney Woods Quilt Festival

My Grandma Neal used to piece together quilts out of scrap. I still have the one she made for me when I was six; she let me sew in the last piece on the corner…my uneven stitches are easy to spot. It has been around the world with me. In it there are pieces of old coats, pants, the remnants from re-upholstering a favorite chair…she didn’t waste  much. One of the most colorful was the quilt she made out of the American flag that was used on Uncle Leo’s coffin when the Navy sent him home from WWII.

The quilt pictured above won a blue ribbon in the Piney Woods Quilt Festival, being held in Carthage April 20-21. If you have good memories of the quilter(s) in your family, you should go.  You can get more info here, and see more photos of past winners here.

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Larry Lynch
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