Repeat Clients

The Solitos: Repeat Clients

The Solitos first came to us in 2004 when they decided to down-size from their home in Flint. We sold that home and helped them to purchase a garden home in Hollycreek Village. In 2010 Vickie’s parents began to need more help as they aged, so the Solitos wanted a home large enough for both couples. Our builder friend, Scott Greene, was putting the finishing touches on a two-story home in the Cambridge Creek area which was perfect.  Earlier this year, after Vickie’s dad had passed away and her step-mom moved back to Mississippi, they dedided to down-size once again, this time to a home in Cross Pointe. In November, Charles’ company let him know that they were cutting back on energy production in Alaska and would be moving him to Houston. So, once again, the Solitos are on the move. We see a lot of our clients go through major life-changes in this business, and job transfers that take people away from the area are just one of those. We’re hoping to help the Solitos with one more move, though, and that will be the one that brings them home to Tyler.

Our best wishes to Charles, Vickie and Mouse on their move to the Houston area.

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Larry Lynch
Former photographers' agent, commercial producer, copywriter, on-camera performer, voice-over talent, actor. Husband, father, a REALTOR® since 2003, and primary photographer for the Shop Tyler Homes team.