If You Make Lists, You NEED This

My dear mother is afflicted with it, so perhaps it is only natural that I should be similarly possessed with “list-o-mania”. I don’t leave the house without my list(s). I keep a “to-do” list, a call list, a list of books I want to read, a shopping list (separated by store…Sam’s/Ross/Dollar General/Wal-Mart/Brookshire’s, etc) and of course a list of the buyers and sellers I’m currently working with. In the past year i have relegated all but the “Today’s To-Do List” to my iPhone and a wonderful little app I found on one of the “10 Best App’s” lists I subscribe to.

Please note: I do not own stock in this company. My children don’t work for this company. But I would do a TV commercial for Evernote tomorrow, because I am a habitual note-taker and list-maker and this is the best FREE utility I have found for both. I keep it on my laptop, my home-office desktop, my office desktop, and on my iPhone. I sync from each of these whenever I add or delete an entry. I rearrange my to-do list to put my stops in a logical driving sequence. I clip articles from the web to it.

If you are a list-maker, or if you want to become one, you’ll appreciate this great utility.

About the Author
Larry Lynch
Former photographers' agent, commercial producer, copywriter, on-camera performer, voice-over talent, actor. Husband, father, a REALTOR® since 2003, and primary photographer for the Shop Tyler Homes team.