Gardens After Dark: The Twilight Effect

 If you’re like many people who work inside all day and struggle to catch up on chores or other obligations over the weekend, you know that finding a bit of time to enjoy what you’ve created in your garden during the sunlight hours—without feeling guilty about not tending the weeds or watering the annuals—can be difficult.
 Garden writer Lia Leendertz’s delightful new book, The Twilight Garden (Ball Publishing, 2011) helps us imagine all the possibilities for creating a garden that comes alive when the sun goes down. She offers suggestions for enjoying your garden in the evening hours: “Garden chores can become a part of that enjoyment—puttering, exploring, and smelling,” she says. “Many scents become stronger at dusk, and the sound of trickling or splashing water travels further in the still of the night.”
If you like to entertain, moving your party out into a garden that glows after dark makes it a special event, Leendertz suggests. “Besides,” she explains, “you put on your rose-tinted spectacles when you remember outdoor events—you’ll recall a night [in the garden] far more fondly than any other night spent comfortably snuggled into your friend’s new sofa—no matter how beautiful her living room is!”
 Here are some of this author’s tips for designing and planting a twilight garden:Read more…
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Larry Lynch
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