Circle-Bar-H Ranch Has Fish, Too

Larry & Lucas with bass from Circle Bar H Ranch lake

We had gone out to shoot some new exteriors at the Circle-Bar-H Ranch but the clouds just weren’t dispersing so we decided to fish for a while. A later Norther had just blown in and the temperature had dropped 30 degrees…the wind was gusting out of the north to 40 mph. I put a fluke on for Lucas while I threw a horned toad. Even with the weather, we caught bass. Lucas managed to land his best ever, a 4 pounder, and I landed a 4 3/4 after she jumped twice and nosed into the grass.

This is a wonderful horse facility, but as an added bonus the 2-3 acre lake right behind the house, which is about fifteen years old, is loaded with fish. We’ll have to go back another day to update our exterior photos, and when we do we’ll be sure to take our fishing gear!


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Larry Lynch
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