When Less is More

I once visited a Japanese friend’s “home” in Tokyo just off the Ginza Strip. It was extremely small, by Texas standards, about 600 square feet, but it was very neat and comfortable.

I thought of that space when I lived in a Manhattan brownstone some years later. It was only about 850 square feet, and by comparison to my friend’s home, was cluttered. What I learned in the years I lived there is that most of us take space too much for granted and that it takes a lot of discipline to keep a small space organized and aesthetically pleasing.

If you have a small space to decorate, you will enjoy Ashley Cartland’s piece, “Less Is More”, which embraced the Asiatic minimalist influence. Read more…

About the Author
Larry Lynch
Former photographers' agent, commercial producer, copywriter, on-camera performer, voice-over talent, actor. Husband, father, a REALTOR® since 2003, and primary photographer for the Shop Tyler Homes team.